Group income statement 2021

in €mNote20202021
Revenue(H) (15)1,028.61,115.8
Cost of sales(H) (16)-827.7-817.7
Gross profit200.9298.1
Research and development costs(H) (16)-39.1-46.7
Distribution costs(H) (16)-129.7-131.1
Administrative expenses(H) (16)-94.7-88.4
Other operating income(H) (18)22.217.2
Other operating expenses(H) (18)-29.1-21.6
Impairment gains and losses on financial assets(H) (18)1.60.9
Other financial results(H) (19)0.1
Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT)-67.928.5
Other interest and similar income2.51.0
Other interest and similar expenses-8.1-10.5
Interest result(H) (19)-5.6-9.5
Earnings before taxes (EBT)-73.519.0
Income tax expense(H) (20)-29.6-4.5
Net profit/loss-103.114.5
of which
attributable to owners of the Parent-103.713.7
attributable to non-controlling interests0.60.8
Earnings per share (in €, basic/dilutive)(H) (21)-6.270.83