Group cash flow statement 2021

in €mNote20202021
Earnings before taxes-73.519.0
Appreciation/depreciation on intangible assets, property, plant and equipment(F)34.539.3
Currency measurement(H) (18)-0.30.9
Non-cash interest income/expense3.64.8
Other non-cash income/expenses-0.6-3.3
Gross cash flow-36.360.7
Changes in inventories44.733.2
Changes in receivables and other assets3.9-8.5
Changes in other provisions60.1-15.0
Changes in payables and other liabilities-52.437.6
Interest received0.90.6
Interest paid-2.9-5.3
Income tax paid-12.9-13.7
Income tax refunded7.15.4
Cash flows from operating activities12.295.0
Proceeds from the disposal of intangible assets, property, plant and equipment12.52.9
Payments for investment in intangible assets, property, plant and equipment-39.3-32.4
Proceeds from the disposal of investments0.1
Payments for investments-9.6-5.6
Dividends received0.10.1
Payments for loans to associates-3.8
Cash flows from investing activities-36.3-38.7
Free cash flow-24.156.3
Proceeds from loans20.02.0
Repayment of loans-34.5-60.3
Payments for lease liabilities-10.7-10.0
Changes in equity attr. to non-controlling interests0.2-0.1
Cash flows from financing activities-25.0-68.4
Change in funds-49.1-12.1
Effect of changes in exchange rates-4.33.8
Effect of changes in consolidated companies0.2
Funds at beginning of period191.0137.8
Funds at end of period(G) (5)137.8129.5